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Hydroponics is the method of growing plants using nutrient-enriched water rather than soil.

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Why Hydroponics

Less land use

Less water use

Minimize insects and the need for pest control

Cleaner, longer-lasting produce with roots attached

Produce year-round

Provide premium quality produce locally

Seeding, Propagation & Transplanting

The process begins with the seeds which are put into biodegradable oasis pads that hold just the right amount of water for optimum seed germination. The seeded pads are placed in trays and watered as needed for 7-14 days. Once the seedlings are 1-2" tall and have developed roots, they are transplanted into "grow" channels where they will stay until harvested.

The Nutrient Film Technique

Also known as "NFT," this growing method uses a pump to supply a shallow stream or film of nutrient-enriched water directly to the roots of the plants. The channels that hold the water and plants are positioned at an incline allowing gravity to return the unused water and nutrients to the reservoir. This is a continuous cycle that stops only for a few minutes daily to adjust the pH and nutrient levels. 

The plants are removed from the channels with their roots still intact which allows us to deliver living produce to our customers. 

Hydroponic Nutrients

All plants need the same elements to grow. Soil nutrients come from decomposing plants, insects and animals. Hydroponic nutrients, which are naturally occurring, are mined from rocks, purified and powdered to become water-soluble. 

Pest Control

We do not use toxic pesticides.


Our approach to pest management includes a variety of environmentally safe methods including:


• choosing disease and pest resistant produce varieties

• constant monitoring of plant health and greenhouse conditions

• using only organically approved (OMRI) and natural products

• incorporating beneficial bacterias into our nutrient mix

• maintaining a clean growth environment from seed to harvest

Our produce is enjoyed by our families, friends and, of course, by us! Safe, healthy, and delicious Living Greens are our obsession and our priority!

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